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Embellish Life's Simplicity

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Why Does Posh Earth Exist?

Humans are a complex variety of simpletons. We strive for balance, wholeness, purpose and spiritual understanding to ultimately create something of a posh environment for your homes. Home decor, artwork, candles and more should cultivate a feeling a luxury on the inside.

This planet, called Earth, is where we currently explore our outdoor adventures. We want you to experience the same luxuries outside as well.

We are all unique but one in the same. We rely on each other to source that which brings balance in our quest for simplicity. We sincerely hope to be a source for you during your journey on Earth.

My daughter loves her canopy and all of her friends want one after they come to the house and see hers. We have bought several as birthday gifts for her friends and everyone is always happy with them.

Jalene D.

It fits my grand vision perfectly. This piece is solid and looks great!

Paola H.

I am very happy with this product. It kept the mosquitos away and it also gave me a cozy feeling inside the bed.

Arturo T.

I bought it for my daughter, it fit perfect and was very easy to put together!

Rachel F.

I have always wanted one of these to feel like a princess. I love the feel it creates in our cabana of a sense of elegance and wonder.

Jennifer M.